Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Progress on Sarah

Hello from frigid Wisconsin........it's -3 degrees this morning.  Between 19" of snow in December and now the super cold Canadian temperatures, it's turning out to be a winter for the record books!  Where is global warming when you need it?!?  Of course, the positives are lots of indoor time for stitching and reading. 

I'm making nice progress on Sarah Spurr by Carriage House.  Sarah has been an enjoyable stitching experience.  I love the Needlepoint Silks that I'm using.  I love her dress and the little detail just to the left of the woman.........my camera won't take a good close up of this, but trust me, it's very pretty.  Unfortunately now I'm thinking that I should use more silks than DMC or Anchor floss.  My poor pocketbook!   Here's my progress so far.

I should be working on my challenge piece for Nicola's Scarlet Letter Challenge, but haven't started it.  Lots of gorgeous sampler posts taking place on the first and second blogs.  Check it out.

I did make a tiny start to my Ann Bowers Sampler.  It's a stitch along with the Attic in Arizona.  I'm already behind on this one....but that's no surprise.