Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Obligation Stitching

Do you ever have something you HAVE to stitch on?  That's me at the moment.  I'm working on a cross stitch piece that I started several years ago and never finished.  I decided to finish it and contribute it to my local EGA chapter as one of the items for the drawing at their annual needlework show.  I've even convinced a few friends to put in a few stitches on this piece.

What's the problem, you ask?  Well, I discovered that I made a big counting mistake on this piece........of course, I hadn't put a note in the bag with the project, so I didn't remember that!  Uff da!  I spent 3 1/2 hours cutting out all the mistakes.   After two hours, I decided to have a glass of wine while cutting.  Now usually, that spells disaster.  (I think I was secretly hoping to "accidentally" cut the fabric, so it would have to be thrown away.)  No such luck, I've successfully removed all the "bad" stitching.  Here's a photo of how it looks right now:

                                                                    A Walk in the Woods
                                                                       Cricket Collection
                                                                  30 count Busy Bee linen

Just so you can relate, I had all but two letters stitched into the piece.  Not even close now!

Of course, I have something that I really want to stitch on...........it's a "Jane" sampler.  I'll show that to you in the next post.


  1. Ouch!!! That's a lot of ripping! But it's a really pretty piece. I like it a lot! Good luck with it now that you're done with the frogging.

  2. It's a lovely design but I feel your pain at all that unstitching - I think the glass of wine was definitely necessary :)

  3. Yikes. I also feel your pain--I've done that, and I've turned the fabric 90 degrees the wrong way and ran out of room. You name it, and I've managed to do it wrong. Sigh--and it's not like we can stitch 23 hours a day!