Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Start

My horrible, terrible, oops, wonderful daughter Jen, talked me into doing a Christmas Eve start.  It was hard to decide which project I should start, as I have so many WIPS at the moment!  On December 4, Paulette shared her sampler exchange piece with her mother.   She had stitched Sarah Spurr by Carriage House Samplings.  I loved all the red in the piece (she changed colors and used AVAS silk), so I added this pattern to my hoard......I mean stash.  Jen and I changed a few of the NPS colors that the pattern called for and off I went!

Jen has also convinced me to join a stitch along with the Attic starting at the beginning of the year.  We'll be working on The Ann Bowers Sampler by The Examplarery.  This will be my New Year's start.  Oh, great, now I'll have two more WIPS.  I really have joined the nut house!

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Oh I love Sarah, Jane !!! I know first hand that Jen is a bad influence, but we love her anyway. LOL !!!

  2. Oh what a great influence Jen is! lol! You have some great projects lined up for the New Year!!

  3. Jen is wonderful, she's such an enabler ;-)!!!!!!!! We've been texting about Ruth all day, LOL. Love, love, love your Sarah Spurr start, it's such a pretty sampler.

  4. You have made some great progress on Sarah Spurr already! And, I've learned my enabling skills from some of the best around, namely you and those who have commented here already! ;p

    Hey, I started Ruth Bacheler today so now I have three samplers and my smalls for my SGR project going. Talk about nuts!!!!

    Signed, your horrible, terrible, enabling daughter! LOL!!!!!

  5. I love your Sarah Spurr start, and Jen seems to be a great influence on you! That sampler is beautiful and I know that you'll enjoy working on it along with Jen.